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A while back we prepared and ate from Michael Symon’s “Live to Cook” cookbook, where he shares the secrets of several dishes served at Lola, Lolita and Bar Symon.  For those who don’t know, Michael Symon is a hometown hero in Cleveland for winning Iron Chef on Food Network.  On May 31 a new food channel started airing, called The Cooking Channel, which will host Micheal Symon’s show Cook Like an Iron Chef .  In the meantime, we’ve cooked through a couple of his recipes to see how well we could pull them off.

From “Live to Cook,” we made

Peas & Pancetta

and Lola Fries

The Peas & Pancetta were a new dish that we had never tried, but sounded interesting so we thought we’d give it a shot.  The dish was good, but we didn’t really care for the orange juice added in right at the end, so next time we’re going to try it with a different acid.  The fries on the other hand, we had tried before, and were wonderful!  We had tried the Lola fries at Bar Symon near Cleveland, OH not too long ago, and it was easy to make the decision since they are seasoned with Rosemary.  Rosemary is Kaitlin’s favorite herb, and we frequently cook with it clipped freshly from her garden.  The sea salt also gives it a good salty flavor with more punch than regular table salt.

In this same meal, our main dish was grilled pork tenderloin with a fruit balsamic glaze, glazed mushrooms and a fruit trifle.  The fruit balsamic glaze recipe pairs well with lots of food; pretty much any vegetable or meat.  You can find the recipe and more here on Tasty Kitchen, which is a wonderful food forum with lots of talented cooks submitting recipes daily.  Or if you don’t want to be exposed to all of the tasty goodness on Tasty Kitchen, I’ll be nice and give it to you:

Magical Butter Sauce RecipeIn a microwave safe bowl, melt 1/3 cup butter. Add 2 tablespoons fruit preserves (apricot, mango-jalapeno, blackberry, etc.), 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, a good turn of the pepper mill and a generous pinch of salt.

Pour this over whatever your little heart desires.

We just poured this over the pork tenderloin, topped it with chopped parsley, and got this!

And then sliced with mushrooms, dished up with peas and french fries…

This picture makes me hungry, as does this one-

For dessert, a wonderful layering of vanilla and tapioca pudding, cubes of sponge cake, fresh strawberries and raspberries, topped with cool whip, chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings.  Try it sometime.

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